Smart solar panels for the Pharos project

The sustainable business complexPharos, designed by Architectenbureau Cube architecten, next to Hoofddorp CS station has recently been completed. With energy-supplying, smart and beautiful solar panel facade from Studio Solarix, Pharos shows that the facade of the future has now been realized! On to an even greater reduction in CO2 emissions

Pharos is an office building from 2003. The goal was to transform the building into the healthiest working community in Europe in which circularity and energy supply are central. It will be the epitome of the circular economy. Cairn Real Estate renovated and redeveloped the existing building and interior architect Sheryl Leysner and her team designed the interior spaces. Studio Solarix is involved in the redevelopment both as a consultant and as a designer and we worked together with partners Sorba, Kuijpers, Techdynamics and Kameleon on the realization of 247m2 solar panel facades on Pharos. Thanks to this collaboration, we are another big step closer to our ambition to realize 140km2 of Solar Design panels by 2040. With this we provide compensation of 7.2 billion CO2 per year

How did we work at Pharos?
It soon became clear that we wanted to make the facade of the future for Pharos, by realizing a smart sustainable solar panel facade that generates energy in the new part. In addition, with the Solarix facade we were able to make a beautiful architectural gesture to give the building a much better appearance.

Our Solar Design facade is inspired by the existing facade panels, but then equipped with solar cells in combination with a special printing technique that gives depth, color and liveliness. Together with the facade builder and architect, the Solarix solar panels are optimally integrated into the building. We are very proud that we were able to realize this Solar Design facade together with Cairn.

Special LED facade from Pharos
The LED has been added to give the building something extra; to make it communicate with its environment. The building used to have a harsh appearance, we want to soften this with the LED By letting the building breathe, as it were, and welcoming you when you arrive. These LEDs respond to oncoming trains and movement near the building.

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What makes Solarix so smart and good for commercial buildings?
Solar Design facade panels are extremely suitable for application on projects starting from a facade surface of 100m2. For commercial buildings, there is often more facade area available in relation to roof area. Solar Facade panels are therefore a more interesting alternative to install than solar panels on the roof.

In addition, it keeps the roof surface free, freeing up space for roof gardens, for example. Solarix Solar Design panels can therefore make a major contribution for companies to make the building more sustainable and specialize. The panels also contribute to meeting the NZEB sustainability requirements.

Studio Solarix develops beautiful new facade systems that supply energy and generate money in the long term. Pharos is the ultimate example of this!


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