Gevel zonnepanelen met textuur.

We are continuously improving the color and material experience of the energy-generating facade panels. This is how we introduce our latest innovation: facade solar panels with texture! A matt and embossed surface treatment gives an extra dimension to the panel colours and can be applied to any design from our collection.

With the addition of texture to our Colours collections, Solarix is taking the next step in the development of energy-generating facade materials. In doing so, we distance ourselves even more from traditional solar panels. We supply aesthetic energy-generating facade cladding. Solarix texture panels are the choice for those who want to subtly enhance the experience of the facade!

A new dimension in facade solar panels

In order to respond even better to the demand from architects for a facade solar panel with a soft natural material appearance, it is now possible to optimize facade solar panels with surface textures. Matted or Crepi structured panels give extra effect to the facade of any building.

Textures can be applied to all designs from the Solarix collections

Our design team likes to think along about the application of texture and the optimization of the desired design and colours from the collections.
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Matted panels fit seamlessly with other matte and diffuse facade materials

Embossed solar panels: Crepi structure provides a subtle shimmer effect and a tactile relief

Get inspired and discover our textured solar panels for the facade

Project application:

Solarix was commissioned by the Municipality of Middelburg to make the city theatre in the historic city more sustainable. During the design process, Solarix took the existing architecture as a starting point, and made use of matted coloured solar facade panels that fit seamlessly into the environment.
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Solarix collection catalogue

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How much energy does your project generate?

In our non-binding Solarix SolarCheck we calculate how much energy your facade can generate based on satellite data and 3D project drawings.

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